Fashion Snoops — SS22 Vanish

Trend Report
September 03, 2020

This trend story explores the evolution of outdoor apparel through the lens of current and future cultural shifts induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. With preparedness and safety being common consumer concerns due to the traumatic health crisis, brands will tap into survivalist strategies in the next months. Apparel and gear should provide increased coverage and a multifunctional appeal to meet the increased need for protection and self-sufficiency. As we progress towards a world where consumers have higher expectations, products also need to meet tomorrow’s ecological concerns by finding their place within a climate positive system. Some innovative eco-conscious solutions are leading the way towards a better fashion industry such as circular design models and repurposed activewear (especially outerwear) made from salvaged materials, deadstock fabrics, or returned goods, furthering the value of the designs with a sustainable focused second life.