William G. Hildebrand

/ˈwiljəm/ˈhil dəˌbrænd /

• NYC based fashion forecaster, photographer and design enthusiast.

Work Experience


Fashion Snoops


Director of Activewear


New York, US


Track cultural trends
Seasonal trend stories
Color analysis
Consulting projects
Advise on creative direction
Marketing opportunities
Travel for industry events

My current role aims at exploring macro socio-cultural trends and analyze how they can influence fashion design, specifically activewear. I publish reports on a trend forecasting platform, Fashion Snoops, with the goal to inspire our clients with future opportunities. In addition to constantly being on the lookout for the latest innovations, I also have the chance to work as a consultant for apparel & footwear companies in order to help their teams identify top layer conversations, marketing activations, design drivers, and key colors with cultural relevance in mind.


Inmouv (Carlin Group)


Sales Agent
E-commerce Manager


Paris, FRA


Trend book sales
Prospect research
Web design
Web platform management
Creation of presentations
Consulting meetings
Trade show coverage

I began working in the fashion trends industry as a sales agent which gave me a clear vision of clients needs, something that is still useful as of today in my artistic position. While the missions were initially business driven, I was gradually trusted to partake in creative operations such as consulting meetings, content strategy and web design. This progressive evolution pushed me to grow towards the role I currently occupy.


Actuel B


Sales Associate
E-commerce Manager
Staff Photographer


Avignon, FRA


Photography (Studio & Editorial)
Graphic design
Community management
Visual merchandising
Website update

My first accomplished professional experience was as a sales associate at a luxury fashion retailer where I developed my fashion knowledge, an eye for detail, a keen sense of styling and strengthened my client-facing skills. Since the company wasn't embracing e-commerce opportunities, I volunteered to lead a digitalization project where I created a shooting studio and was rapidly responsible for product photography as well as the management of our just created e-commerce platform. The project lead to a new main source of revenue for the French boutique.


Fashion Forecast

Macro trend research and product analysis with a focus on Activewear

Concept Creation

Inspirational storytelling, thematic mood-boards and conceptual footwear hybrids

Creative Direction

Advise on creative and product direction, and identify marketing opportunities with cultural relevance in mind

Site Set Up

Creation of domain name, SEO, WordPress installation and update


Experience with WooCommerce, Prestashop, and Farfetch

Web Design

Creation of a visual identity, graphic layout, and color strategy

Studio Photography

Experience with luxury garments, bags, accessories, and footwear

Retouching & Color

Strong retouching and color correcting skills with a focus on product imagery

Editing Skills

High proficiency in Wacom pen tablet, Photoshop and Illustrator on Mac OS X

Daily Shots

Explore my passion for photography