Project date

Scope of work
Footwear Experiments
Graphic Design


About the project
Salomonsters is the result of my passion for footwear design and attentiveness to cultural trends. I began this project late 2019. At the time, I was in a trend forecasting position at Fashion Snoops, where part of my day-to-day work was to compile inspirational imagery to create trend reports for active sports, lifestyle, and sneakers. With this extensive library of images, I started selecting key elements from iconic footwear and merging them into conceptual “monster” hybrids. One could say I was upcycling e-commerce images to extend their life cycle. This experimental design process allowed me to think without restrictions, imagine dream collaborations and be a source of inspiration to the designers who’ve inspired me in the first place. This project is heavily influenced by sports (especially running), the outdoors, contemporary sneaker culture and Nike. Back then, I didn’t have any motive for this project other than a new creative outlet but little did I know that, later on, this would contribute to landing my first role as a footwear designer.