Footwear Color & Material Design

Mizuno Wave Stealth Neo “Avatar”

Creation of a trend story, color direction and color design for Mizuno Handball. Inspired by the collision of physical and digital worlds, Japanese cyberpunk movies, and the Metaverse.

This Wave Stealth Neo is part of the "Avatar" pack I came up with for Mizuno Volleyball's AW23 collection. Based on the brand's DNA, macro societal trends, and consumer insights, I crafted the story, moodboard and color palette. This theme was applied across Mizuno's sports categories (Running, Indoor, Tennis, etc.). For this specific model, which is worn by professional volleyball players during world class competitions, I wanted to highlight key elements of the shoe to create brand visibility from afar—all while highlighting the latest features of the shoe. The result is an energetic yet commercial offering for top athletes and volleyball players aspiring to go pro.

Footwear Color & Material Design

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