Fashion Snoops — SS22 Pause

Trend Report
August 26, 2020

This trend story explores the evolution of loungewear and yoga assortments through the lens of current and future cultural shifts induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Meeting our true selves amidst the quiet, we find comfort within a range of calming warm hues that set the tone for healing moments of self-reflection. As we shift between different levels of awareness, gradient appliques and mindful messages ease the meditative transition for a seamless practice guiding us towards a positive mental energy. Recognizing the importance of mental and physical recovery we appease our craving for haptic stimuli through textured surfaces that promote therapeutic benefits. For apparel we look at a combination of body hugging base layers with a minimalist appeal and roomy essentials with a focus on sensorial stimulation for a serene transition between energetic practice and times of soothing stillness. Footwear and accessories emphasize features such as plush cushioning and quilted padding within this story best suited for off hours.